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    Biomass Fired Boiler


    Features of Fives Cail-KCP make Biomass Fired Boiler

    • Single drum construction: Drum is being placed separately on boiler structural. Greater flexibility in erection sequence.
    • No bank tubes. Hence, an ash accumulation problem in bank is averted. No expansion of tubes with drum. Hence, easy erection.
    • High residence time for flue gas before it reaches super heater zone, ensures better combustion.
    • Lower FOT below initial deformation temperature of ash avoids ash bridging at super heater zone.
    • Membrane panels provide gas tight enclosure for better efficiency of boiler.  Less refractory work.
    • Drag chain feeders with VFD, for smooth and variable flow of fuel to boiler as per demand.
    • Specific Collecting Area - 57-60m2/m3/sec for ESP while burning coal guaranteed dust emission even with two fields.
    • Motorized Valves for ease of operation from DCS.
    • Two stage super heaters of higher heating surface with one attemperator ensures consistent superheated steam temperature with more variations in demand.
    • Travelling grate of FC KCP design, manufactured with high standards, shop assembled and trialed ensures easy assembling at site and trouble free operation.
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