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    Multi Fuel Co-generation Boiler


    High Pressure Boiler including Air heater, Economiser, Superheater, soot blowers, Feed water system, Deaerator, Boiler Instrumentation & Automation, ID, FD, SA fans, Multi-cyclone / Wet scrubber / ESP Dust collecting system, Dumping / Traveling grate, DM / Softener plant, RCC / MS Chimney.

    Features of Fives Cail-KCP Co-generation Boiler

    • Membrane wall furnace construction
    • Single pass bank, eliminating erosion
    • Tall furnace – More residence time to keep the furnace outlet temperature at 870° – 900° C
    • Bagasse silos with continuous regulated bagasse feeders
    • Multi fuel firing option (Coal, Lignite, Rice husk, Biomass)
    • Corton steel for Air heater tubes
    • Travelling grate with in housed design, caternary design and shop assembled before dispatch.


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