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    FCKCP make spray cum tray type deaerator will have spray nozzles with SS tray, which sprays the feed water in the deaerator tank as a fine mist.  This allows the steam to have more contact with the feed water and better heating is achieved.

    The feed water apart from other elements and gases contains free oxygen. This oxygen at higher temperature and pressure react with tube material and corrosion will take place. Hence the oxygen in the feed water to be removed to the possible limits, before fed in to the boiler system.

    Deaerator is used to remove the gases and oxygen present in the boiler feed water. The feed water from hot well tank, through feed watewr transfer pump is sprayed in to the pressurized deaerator and the same time the steam is injected into the deaerator. The feed water and steam mixed inside the deaerator and temperature of water raised to the saturation temperature of the deaerator pressure, the incondensable gases and oxygen released. These gases are let out to atmosphere through vent.

    FCKCP has supplied wide range of spray cum tray type deaerators.

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